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Ayurvedic consultation to:
  • Understand various aspects of your current and past situation
  • Recommend various corrective and preventive steps
Consultation With Ayurvedic Physician

An Ayurvedic Consultation is a process to understand various aspects of your current and past situation, individual body system, temperament, attitude, possible sickness, tendency for recurrent sickness, lifestyle,
natural cravings, etc.

A number of techniques like Pulse diagnosis, Tongue & Eye examination are used and past and present medical history, Family medical history, Body Constitution, Dosha disorders, Genetic disorders, recurrent diseases etc. are taken into consideration during the consultation to assess present condition.

Based on this the practitioner will recommend you various corrective and preventive steps according to Ayurvedic principles:

  • How to know and pacify the client's cravings
  • Suggest suitable diet for the constitutional type, food as a medicine
  • How to work towards fulfillment of desire
  • Suitable yoga asanas / exercise as per the constitution
  • Herbs and treatments

Reservation and Cancellation Policy

We work mostly by appointment only. If you want to schedule your appointment on phone, you need to provide us your full name, email id, a call back number and your credit card information for reserving your spot.

To facilitate better service to our clients, we require 24 hours notice for cancellation or change of appointments scheduled or there is 50% charge per service.

Please call the respective center to make any changes for your appointment.

  • Shirodhara (Sirodhara), Svedana (Swedana), Elakizhi, Navarakizhi (Njavarakizhi), Sirovasthi (Shirovasti), Nasyam, Vasti (Vasthi) are normally not provided individually and are clubbed with Uzhichil (Abhyanga).
  • Prior booking and scheduling to be done for every session.
  • Clients are expected to report to the Center at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time.
  • Delay in reporting to the Center for a scheduled appointment may lead to shortening of the session duration as it can adversely affect subsequent appointments.
  • The rate list is subject to revision without notice.
  • Local taxes applicable.
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