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Santhigram Kerala Ayurveda brings to you totally natural and herbal ayurvedic medicines that cure diseases from the root. The medicines have no side effects.

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Agasthyar Thailam

All types of pain in body. Pain and oedema in knee joint, numbness, head ache, groin oedema, convulsions. Used in sever “Vatha” diseases.


Traumatic complications, oedema, pain and burning sensation due to fracture. Wasting of joints and stiff joints.


All types of rheumatic diseases. Good for “Meha” diseases

Chinchadi Kuzhambu

All types of rheumatic diseases, pain and burning sensation in joint.

Dhanwantharam Kuzhambu

For rheumatic diseases especially for “Vathe and Vatha Kapha” . Good for ante natal and post natal care.

Karpuradi Thailam

All types of pain. Relieves pain immediately.

Karaskara Thailam

Oedema, burning sensation in joint, tonsillitis, filariasis.

Karpasasthyadi Kuzhambu

Paralysis, monologue, Body bath

Kottamchukkadi Kuzhambu

All types of rheumatic diseases, joint oedema, pain.


Traumatic pain, contusions, body pain, oedema, soothes body. Good in “thridoshas”


Anti inflammatory, Ant microbial. For pains and burns.


All types of rheumatic diseases.


All types of injury, fracture, dislocation, sprain and its complications.


Anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial for pains. Reduce burning sensation.

Prabhanjana Vimardhanam Kuzhambu

Paralysis, weakness of body, numbness, gout.

Prasarani Kuzhambu

Monologue, hemiplegia, facial paralysis.

Sahacharadi Kuzhambu

Rheumatic affections of lower extremities, rheumatic chorea, Parkinson’s, neuralgia.

Sahacharadi Kuzhambu (Spl)

Rheumatic affections of lower extremities, Rheumatic chorea, Parkinson's,


Muscular wasting in polio myelitis, dystrophy, painful rheumatic affections

Siddhakayathirumeni Thailam

Post traumatic diseases above neck. Used in sprain, fracture.


All types of rheumatic disease. For paralysis, numbness, rheumatic pain.