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Santhigram Kerala Ayurveda brings to you totally natural and herbal ayurvedic medicines that cure diseases from the root. The medicines have no side effects.

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Arimedadi Enna

Diseases of gum and teeth. Used on head for bathing, applied on gums or Ashtangahridayam mouth wash.

Asnamanjishtadi Enna

Tooth ache, head ache, ear pain vitiated by ‘kapha’

Asanavilluadi Enna

Head ache, cooling effect to eye used for head bath.

Balaguloochyadi Enna

Used for head bath in gout, head-ache and inflammation by water absorption in head

Balahatadi Enna

Recurrent attack of headache, gives sound sleep.

Balaswagandha Lakshadi Enna

Used in ‘thala’ (applied on vertex) for bronchitis and bronchiectsis. Used for ‘abhyanga’ (body message).

Chandanadi Enna (cheruthu)

External use for bath and ‘abhyanga’ . Cooling, refrigerant, mild antiseptic.

Dhanwantharam Enna

All types of rheumatism, paralysis. Used for ‘abhyanga’ in antenatal and postnatal care. Head bath in trauma of head that leads to continuous headache.

Eladi Enna

Head bath in case of toothache, ear pain. External usage in scabies.

Karprasasthyadi Enna

All types of rheumatism. Head bath and external application of whole body. Paralysis, monologue, facial paralysis.

Kayathirumeni Enna cherutu

Post traumatic pain, oedema and burning sensation. All types of diseases in head. Gives sound sleep

Kayathirumeni Enna Valithu

For all diseases above neck due to injuries. For fracture, contusions, delirium, ear ache etc.

Kayonniadi Enna

Head ache due to vitiated pitha, eye diseases, and dental disorders.

Lekshmivilasam Enna

Coolness to head and eye. Gives sound sleep. Epilepsy, mental diseases.

Mahamashadi Enna

Hemiplegia, facial palsy, monoplefia, wasting of muscles, headache and all types of ENT diseases.

Mahanarayana Thailam

All types of rheumatic diseases, facial palsy, infertility, used in ‘rekthavatham’

Mashadi Enna

Hemiplegia, all types of rheumatic diseases. Head and body application.

Nagaradi Enna

Diseases in mouth and nose.

Kesamritham Enna

Coolness to head, promotes hair growth and prevent graying. Adds blackness and luster to hair.

Valia Amrithadi Enna

Eye diseases. This oil is antipitha and is used against headache and burning sensation in head and body.

Siddha Kayathirumeni Enna

Post traumatic above neck. Used in sprain, fracture, swooning. Used on head and body.

Neelibhringadi Enna

Promotes hair growth and prevents is graying, adds blackness and luster to hair besides cooling eyes and body

Siroreksha Thailam

Recurrent attack of cold, sneezing, head ache, rhinitis

Thriphaladi Enna

Eye diseases, for head bath

Vathasani Enna

All types of rheumatic diseases, deafness, fracture, joint pain.