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Santhigram Kerala Ayurveda brings to you totally natural and herbal siddha medicines that cure diseases from the root. The medicines have no side effects.

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Sivanar Amritham

Rheumatic diseases, respiratory diseases, diseases due to deranged bile, leprosy, colic, delirium, piles, ascitis and tuberculosis.

Agasthyar Kuzhambu

Given with dry ginger in fevers, with chembulic myrobalan decoction in coughs, shivering, with ghee in bleeding piles, with black pepper powder and onion in anemia and chlorosis, with honey and ginger juice in delirium, with colocynth fruit juice in abdominal colic and chankumkuppi leaf juice in stone in urinary tract. Applied externally with water in carbuncles, mammary cancer and abscesses.

Rasagandhi mezhgu

Rheumatic diseases, skin diseases, leprosy, cancerous ulcers, chancre.